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[IRC] Let's play a game! Cthulhutech today, come by and play!

RainfallRainfall Don't lose your WAAAAAAAYRegistered User regular
edited September 2009 in Critical Failures
Right, so I'm bored.

Normally, this would be pretty inconsequential.

But right now I'm bored with an idea.

We've got a lot of people here on Critical Failures, as well as a lot of games that we continually bemoan we don't get to play enough of, so on, so forth.

So let's change that!

How can we do that, Rainfall?
One of the big problems with RPGs is that everyone wants to run giant massive things that last for ages. This doesn't work on the internet, they just fall apart.

So what we're going to do is one-shots! Quick dungeons or single adventures that can be finished in a night or two. Then, we're going to post about them in this thread, talk about them, and have general fun!

Rain, you're stupid that won't work ever.
Probably not! Here's my plan!

1. Announce your game a week in advance, in this thread. Pick a night you want to run it on, a time you're available on, and whether or not you'll have pre-made characters done.

2. You get interest, again in this thread.

3. Play the game, on, in a channel of whatever name you feel is appropriate. You can also hang out in #criticalfailures and be cool, if you're cool.

4. Post a log of the game, or a summary of events, and talk about how much fun it was!

So this is pretty much set up for system-light stuff, quick adventures, and fun times. I'll start, and show you guys how to do it.

Date: Sunday, September 13
Time: 5 PM onwards, MDT (GMT -6)
The Game: Cthulhutech! An adventure in the Occult Underground of New York Arcology.
The Players: Mech Pilots and Tagers need not apply. 3 Premade sheets will be made, you can make your own character.
How Many: I'll roll with three or more. Anyone can join up.

So in one week from today, I'll be running a game. Let's see if we can get this forum buzzing.

And if you're a first-time DM/GM/ST/whatever? This is the place to post your game. Or for any game. Let's just rock out and have fun playing RPGs whenever we have the time, rather than sitting around.

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