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[Glossolalia++] Assault on the Sundered Spire

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The Ten


Also starring:
Street-dancing Hooligan Rory Snow
Murderous Robo-Duck Terro Drake
Hip-Hop Hacker DJ Josh Cypher
Imaginary Badass Spaceman Ffips
Holy Gunman Locot Doutwood
Gentleman Pirate Jonathan Brickley
Karate Cook Mal
Sadistic Physician Dr. Karakov
Natenborn Freak Ziggy
Gang-bangin' Engineer Rigue St. Sampson

Seasons 1-10 now available on Twitter!


[strike]Soundtrack coming... maybe? (Probably not)[/strike]
Soundtrack here!
GLOSSOLALIA soundtrack, volume 1

[Map of the hitherto unnamed Wrathship]

[Map of Haven]

[Map of Signet]


Last time on Glossolalia

Alright duders, so we got two games going at once. One's on pause though. Right now, we're playing DarkOrchid.

Tensions ran high as Loeli had a dangerous proposition for the Cracked Lady: she would like to work for her. In that same instant, several members of the Ten fought agaisnt an awakened and angry tempest God, Tommy and Dubh striking the final blow in the form of a red comet. The Ten then all found themselves within the Court Room of the Queen, as she offered them a job, thanks to Loeli. Loeli, Locth, Feli and Jo'Maril chose to work for the Queen, becoming The Outfit. Meanwhile Dubh, Tommy and Dux found her too distasteful and form the rebel group The Coalition. Speed and Gary pursue their own ends.

Meanwhile a mysterious stranger Kro is contracted to kill an enemy of the Queen...

The one on pause is Grey.

After being hired to kill a prominent member of the local UUUS government, our team of rag-tag mercenaries met up with a few old friends and began planning the job. The kill went off about as smoothly as one could hope, and led to the crew finding themselves in possession of a prototype "Wrathship," a space ship capable of using the Wrath to travel almost instantaneously across space. In spite of Brickley's misgivings, the crew held onto the ship and after arguing for like three fucking pages about what to name it wne off to a derelict space station located right on the border of a mass of Wrath. While Brickley waited aboard the ship the others looted the station. They found the entire crew of the facility brutally murdered, and before long Preston mysteriously vanished. Meanwhile, Locot and Rory discovered the dormant Terro Drake. He and the crew are now continuing their search through the station while Brickley does a bunch of inane bullshit on the ship. And then some of them killed a robot dog, so they're probably about to leave.

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What spring does with the cherry trees.


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