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Sadly Lacking Rad Backpack Selacktion

.Tripwire..Tripwire. FirmanRegistered User regular
edited September 2009 in Help / Advice Forum
So there's been quite a few threads asking for bag suggestions. This is slightly different. I peruse a few design blogs now and then and see some really cool looking ideas for rucksacks, but hardly any that evolve past a prototype or conceptual phase. Consider these:


I'm interested in discovering what some of the most unique, visually or functionally fresh body-supported bags are, which are actually manufactured for purchase. Whether it's a particularly colourful and futuristic look, or some radical concept of a slinky container that coils around your torso - I'd like to have some reference of designs contextualized by actually being marketed and available to public consumers (regardless of price or production quantity, or time when it was available).

Rereading this post, I realize it sounds a lot like a school assignment - but this is just personal interest. I'm a first year illustration student with an increasing thirst for product and fashion design, which I might get to study in a later term.

I've been browsing backpack catalogues from online merchants, and it basically feels like wading through a thousand products of a minimally diverging archetype. So if anyone in here happens to know some of the more eccentric products or distributors around, I'd sure appreciate your time and recommendations! Thanks!

PS If it's on ThinkGeek I already know about it.

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