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FREE MIKE[Aion Thread]

TransporterTransporter Registered User regular
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Since Tube is horrible and slow and I may or may not be doing this with the flu, at work.
What is this Whore game?

That's a horrible question. You're pretty horrible for asking it. You're already the most horrible person ever for even thinking about looking up any information about this game.

Once connected by the Tower of Eternity, Atreia was sundered by an ancient cataclysm. On your journey to bring salvation to the world, your character will traverse the inner surface of Atreia, exploring lush lands, floating islands, chaotic voids, and many other amazing vistas.

Each half of the shattered world is inhabited by one of two playable divine factions: the Elyos and the Asmodians. Isolated by the Cataclysm that broke Atreia apart, each side has brooded for centuries on the catastrophic events of the past. Their hatred for each other has only intensified.

Many centuries after the Cataclysm, fragments of the destroyed Tower began to float mysteriously in the air, and investigations revealed unstable portals that opened into a dimension of darkness and wonder where fragments of the Tower drifted. This place was named the Abyss. Within the Abyss, the once-lost power of flight is now commonplace. The Abyss is where Elyos and Asmodians contend to fight an epic battle for supremacy.

As the Elyos and the Asmodians uncovered new, more stable portals to the Abyss, they encountered a primeval terror that they had known only in storybooks: the Balaur. Banished to an unknown dimension during the Cataclysm, the Balaur are the ancient enemy of all the peoples of Atreia. The Balaur's continual war on humanity led to Cataclysm. Now they have returned, the survival of both races and Atreia itself is more uncertain than ever.

Basically some whores had some whore planet and they had a fight with whore demons and they broke the world.

Now there are good fanciful angel asshole whores named the Elyos, and Emo brooding dark dark Drizzit whores named the Asmodians. They fight each other. And the Whore demons(Named the Balur) fight everybody! It's just one big old fasioned cockle of whores!

Okay, we get it, you've apparently channeled the spirit of Frank Miller, we want more info that dosen't have the word whore every three letters

Fuck you I got the flu I can use the word whore as much as I whoring whore please whore.

Shamlessly stolen from the Aion thread in the MMO forums.


There are 4 starting classes that differentiate at level 10 into 8 more classes (you can't remain a base class, sorry).

Warriors -> Templar or Gladiator

Scout -> Ranger or Assassin

Mage -> Sorcerer or Spiritualist

Priest -> Cleric or Chanter

Ok. To break it down (stolen from Transporter, clicky for more info)(Transporter:Yes I am stealing from someone stealing from me):


Transporter on


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