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[Mini-Phalla] Redemption: Cult of Bythos wins!

BurnageBurnage Registered User regular
edited September 2009 in Critical Failures

The time we find ourselves in is the beginning of the 21st century. It is a time of technology, and wonder; a time of creativity and achievement that has never before been matched in human history. Nor, indeed, in the history of the world.

Many have watched this advancement, and felt deep joy. Deep pride. This is their species; look at how magnificent they are. Look at what they can create. But some have watched this same advancement, and felt nothing but revulsion. To this minority, they look at the technology, and see heresy; they look at the ‘achievement’, and see nothing but destruction. The majesty of the human species has been built upon a foundation of blood, and in the early decades of the 21st century, this minority had grown powerful.

An international group of terrorists, calling themselves “The Children of the Asylum”, have over the past several months struck dozens of targets – both low- and high- security. Where the attacks have been successful, the scenes afterwards are inevitably filled with carnage and death. Whispers pass through the mouths of paramedics and police officers that have seen these sites, dark whispers.

Whispers of occult symbols daubed across walls; not the gaudy pentagram of a stereotypical Satanic cult, but designs altogether more complex and intricate. One or two swear that the lines didn’t make sense, that there were too many angles, or not enough. The victims had been mutilated beyond recognition, only DNA testing giving families the terrible certainty of knowing that a loved one had been used as a play-thing for a sadist.

The Children of the Asylum are a group without a nation, a group without an explicit motive. They strike without warning, and no members have ever been captured alive. If you believe some of the more outlandish conspiracy theories, none of them have ever been captured dead, either. The international community has been trying desperately to combat the Children, but it has been a difficult fight. The Children have never made any public demands, never issued any warnings. They strike quickly, mercilessly, and then disappear.

That fight has suddenly become even more urgent. In the past few hours, various governments have received information that the Children have developed a powerful new weapon, and that they are planning to use it within a week. The governments of the world have united; this must not be allowed to happen. None know what form this weapon might take, be it biological, nuclear, or chemical. All know, however, that the Children must be hunted down before it is used.

The future of humanity itself could be at stake. Will you join the fight?


What's this?

This is a phalla for 30 people, also known as a mini-phalla.

Phalla? What's that?

The forum's version of the party game, Mafia. See here for more details. General rules apply, including no anonymous contact between players, no direct quoting of role PMs, etc. If you set up an off-site proboard, please PM me the link to it.

You're a terrible host, Burnage. What's the inevitable fucked-up mechanic?

Wait and see.

Days will end at 0000 BST. Certain days (i.e., when I decide to go out and get drunk) will most likely have a later vote close, which I will give you advance warning of. Also, if it's necessary (in other words, a few players ask me to) I could make the default vote close an hour or so later than 0000 BST.


Ask them in Orange.

Player List:
1: Rawkking Goodguy - Day Three
2: DunedainJedi - Day Two
3: Orange Soda - Day One
4: samurai6966 - Day One
5: Toxic Toys
6: Kay - Day One
7: Gumpy - Day Four
8: Daius
9: Ebfan - Day Four
10: Arivia
11: Simonwolf - Day Two
12: Faynor - Day Three
13: [STRIKE]TheLawinator[/STRIKE] Ringo
14: jdarksun - Day Two
15: garroad_ran - Day Three
16: Timothy Leary Come Check Out This Theory - Day Two
17: scrivenerjones
18: Nocturne - Day Four
19: Cleonicus - Day Four
20: Jobastion
21: Gonmun - Day Four
22: Fatal3RROR - Day One
23: Delmain - Day One
24: Zandracon - Day Two
25: Kime - Day Two
26: SpectralSpork - Day One
27: SimpsonsParadox
28: mEEksa
29: shalmelo
30: kuhlmeye - Day One


The Long Road to Redemption
The Prolegomenon
Day One: Embrace your death
Day Two: Fresh Developments
Day Three: The Silence and The Lamentation
Day Four: A Teacher's Wisdom
Day Five: The Metempsychosis
The Metempsychosis of the Given

Burnage on


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