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Give me music suggestions; anything, I mean it

Muse Among MenMuse Among Men Suburban Bunny Princess?Its time for a new shtick Registered User regular
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I know nothing about music. I like it (in theory I suppose), but I can't say I know any artists that don't end up on TMZ and I can't even tell you what genres I like. Don't ask me if I like bluegrass/grunge-metal fusion, I won't know. Dont' ask me who I listen to because I don't listen to anyone. Don't ask me what it is that I hate as a kick-off point, because again, I don't know.

Just give me suggestions. Anything. Peruvian flute music? Go for it. The Sounds of Africa Volume 6? Alright. Britney Spears? I will try it. What do I have to lose? I need a starting point; convert me to the ways of metal or neo-funk, I'm game.


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