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the real black gold, dogg

scarlet st.scarlet st. Registered User regular
edited October 2009 in Singularity Engine++

I'm as stiff as granite, here, but how hard does coffee get you?

Things Coffee Goes Well With:
• Cigarettes
• Cigarettes
• Cigarettes
• Toast
• Eggs
• Orange Juice
• Black Cocks
• Morning Newspaper

Things Coffee Doesn't Need:
• Sugar
• Cream
• Your Whiny Bitchass

There are many ways to make coffee, and everyone seems to think their faggot face has a method that makes better coffee. They're wrong, of course. I stick to the french press and the percolator! My favorite thing about the percolator is that it works great when you're out camping. My favorite thing about the french press is that it doesn't leave any waste behind (and you can compost coffee grounds!).

Let us discuss our addiction to and need for this fantastic black stuff.

For example:
"I don't like coffee because it tastes bitter. I'd rather just drink my friend's ejaculate when I wake up." — Butters
"I know what you mean, dogg, the only way I can drink coffee is if it's half sugar!" — Talon "Jizzmop" Valdez
"Get the fuck out, faggots." — Clint motherfucking Eastwood, because he is a man, and real men drink coffee.

Now seriously let's enjoy us some coffee.

scarlet st. on


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