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The "upcoming lower-level stuff you're excited about" thread

SorensonSorenson Registered User regular
edited October 2009 in Games and Technology
Let's cut right to the chase: a lot of the big-budget games will have fans waiting eagerly and chattin' up a storm for months before release, but anything that isn't billed a a triple-A title's either ignored or only gets notice by specific niche fans or people who watch the developers making it. So in this here thread I say we start settin' each other up on upcoming games that probably aren't gonna' get a lot of attention but are pretty cool lookin' nonetheless.

I just found out about 3D Dot Game Heroes from Something Awful and holy shit I just went from clueless to stoked in the span of two minutes. It's like From Software is single-handedly selling me on a PS3.

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