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Debate and Discourse: AWESOME POST in "The Worst Presents You've Ever Recieved/Given", by

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Because the mental image of this kid finding out makes me laugh so hard I can barely read the story through the tears.

I'm a horrible person.
Post: The Worst Presents You've Ever Recieved/Given
Forum: Debate and Discourse
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Posted by: illirica
Original Content:
Okay, mostly I lurk around here, but my husband tells me I have to post this story.

It was Christmas. My little brother was about seven years old. He's in Boy Scouts, and both he and I are on a "save the environment" kick. My grandmother decided that, for Christmas, she would give him a wolf.

There was a program, in which you could sponsor a wolf - raised / partially raised in captivity, released into the wild, etc. So, she sponsored a wolf in his name. The company would send him pictures of "his" wolf, and updates on where it had traveled from the tracking collar, and so on. Potentially, this was a neat idea, but...

Two months later, his wolf was shot and killed by poachers.

The company sent him a letter, telling him this, in great detail. He was devastated. He had opened his envelope from the wolf company expecting a happy update and some pictures, and instead there was a long and horrible story about how his Christmas present was now dead, and how the coat had been cut from its body to be used in illegal fur products, and how x% of wolves met this horrible fate.

Oh, and would he like to sponsor another wolf?


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