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Debate and Discourse: AWESOME POST in "when [chat] was deadly", by poshniallo

PasserbyePasserbye The Mercurially QuixoticSeattle, WARegistered User regular
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Love in the D&D [chat].

It's a classic example.
Post: when [chat] was deadly
Forum: Debate and Discourse
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Posted by: poshniallo
Original Content:
Passerbye wrote: »
Why are ponytails as fashion lame?

Ron - Dyr is not a mouth breather. Neither is my father, who has had a ponytail in the past. Nor a number of others I could go on about.

Like I said, you're a panda. What do you know? :P

Oh? Are they Steven Seagal? Are they lame tight-jean wearing b-flick movie stars? Do they wield katanas? Do they sell video games? Do they wear trenchcoats and smell of cheetos?

These are the people that don ponytails.

Should I point out that you have a panda wearing a katana in your sig?

Oops, I think it just did :D

Yes, because I think a panda wielding a katana is "cool" and I don't make a joke in the reference of my location to that extent.

Whatever, ponytail-y. You've got my number.

This is where I imply you're a furry and tell you to don your panda suit and go down on a giraffe, right?

I'm relatively new to chat you see.

You continue to have my number. Whatever crass assumptions you can make based on my av/sig (which changes biweekly or so) will only serve to make me spit profanities in your general direction.

Jackass. Moron. Idiot. Asshole! Bitch.


Excellent! I was right!

Ok well you've covered jackass, moron, idiot, asshole and bitch.

I guess I now have to up the ante to something about your mother?

That is the modus operandi, yes.

God, get a room.

Passerbye on


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