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Another class survey, this time on MMOs

HypatiaHypatia Registered User regular
edited November 2009 in Help / Advice Forum
So, I think my professor's grand plan is to make everyone avoid all of his students by the end of the term, since he keeps giving us assignments that require asking lots of questions of people. D: So far my begging and pleading has only yielded me 11 out of the 25 responses he says we need to have; however, since we got to pick our subject this time, I thought I'd do one on MMOs and peoples' play preferences and, well...if I were guessing, I'd say that there might be some people who play MMOs here. :)

So, if anyone is feeling kind, bored, or in the state of mind to fill out another survey for me you will have my most profound gratitude. Some time tomorrow night I'll need to plug everything into this statistical software to try to coax it into giving me some meaningful information. We finally told him we were going to stage a class revolt and he has assured us that this is the lsat time we'll need to harass people *crossed fingers*.

Thank you in advance, you guys are awesome! :)

Second Edit: Here's the link to the survey, this is the re-done survey and isn't for the assignment, but it's more detailed because I'm really interested in what the results will look like or how they'll differ if I don't have to throw some out due to a bizarre Google Forms issue

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