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Laptop shows a good IP address, but no web sites will load. [LOCK]

TL DRTL DR Registered User regular
edited November 2009 in Help / Advice Forum
Hi, and thanks in advance. I was taking a look at this laptop over the weekend, but ended up running out of time to work on it and am going back tomorrow. Since I've not found any good leads, I'm going to try and reconstruct my posts from that night and see if anyone here can help.

Ok, so this laptop shows a good internet connection and IP, but launching internet explorer results in eternal page loading. This happens with both wi-fi and ethernet connectivity.

Tried ipconfig/flushdns and no dice. This is a home network, and my laptop hasn't had any trouble with his router.

The internet was working, then after CCleaner was run (not by me), this problem appeared. Restoring the registry to pre-CCleaner was unhelpful.

Trying Firefox and Opera resulted in the same issue.

Any ideas?

TL DR on


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