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bsjezzbsjezz Registered User regular
edited December 2009 in Singularity Engine++
i was walking down a desolate financial street this evening - not past 10pm - when i saw neat stacks of tomorrow's newspapers in front of a newsagent which would not open for another eight hours

it made me think - who reads a physical paper anymore?


to have been written to be edited to be typeset to be printed to be distributed by ten at night, how fresh can tomorrow's news possibly be? or is it worth it to see those delicious critical reviews and political essays in the flesh?

have you abandoned it completely for the digital age of instant, rss fed updates? as-it-happens news, full of typos and bad html code and dodgy copy-paste journalism?

or do you go for the middle ground and grab the free commuter rag on the way home, with it's reuters and associated press and sources, sacrificing unique journalism for the most googled articles of the day yet still having the raw nerve to put in a cryptic crossword? like it means something? you horrible, horrible, person?

i only watch the international channel's bolivian news hour at 4am

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