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Impromptu Games Thread! InFlux is all up on this PAX Australian Indie Showcase

LaCabraLaCabra Registered User regular
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I just deleted a bunch of horribly out-of-date stuff from the OP.

This thread is about Impromptu Games, a bunch of guys who met up on these forums and make videogames, including amazing HL2 mod Shotgun Sunrise and some other quite interesting things.

From the site:

Shotgun Sunrise was the first game we made together – Joe Wintergreen-Arthur, Matt Pierson, Aaron Ellsworth, James Benson, and a whole bunch of guys from the Penny-Arcade forums. The world’s first cooperative multiplayer vehicular objective-based zombie Western. A Source engine mod. These days, if you want to play it, your best bet to get a game going would be to hook up with some guys through the ModDB profile or maybe the Official Steam Group.

“Fan-goddamn-tastic…I love this mod so much”

-Podcast 17

“…probably one of the most hilarious mods I’ve ever played”.

-JoshuaC, creator of TF2’s Arena_Watchtower

“…going down the hall to your QA organisation is easy, but the most talented people you’re going to find halfway around the world, developing some crazy… co-op zombie Western.”

-Gabe Newell

Shotgun Sunrise had a super interesting development process, in that it was relatively open – we didn’t have a site, just a thread on the Penny-Arcade forums, and we used that to discuss everything about development as we went along. Also, anyone who rocked up to the thread was able to contribute – the general system was, if you made something, and you sent it to us, it would go in the game. It worked out pretty well for us.

The credits of the mod as released are as follows – however, we’re almost certainly missing a bunch of people because at the time, we rarely had the presence of mind to write these things down, and there were a lot of them.
Everyone whose name I don’t know (so most of these guys) are credited by their name on the Penny-Arcade forums.

James “thejazzman” Benson – Pump Action shotgun, various props
@Guido-Anchovy – Many wonderful props
@LittleBoots – models
@The Reverend Dr Galactus – UI art
Woot – Jeff hosts our stuff
@DeMoN – concept art
@thorgot – playtest
@Ohtsam – made a texture
@Centipeed – fought to keep cowboy shirts at full ‘gay’
@Raslin – theoretical modeler
@Jandaru – groans
@FlippyD – Idea guy, concept art, research
@Zetx – idea guy
@Sebiel – zombie animations
@Captain K /Dave Kirby – cowboy voice acting
Everyone At The Penny-Arcade Forums
Vroom! wrote:
Vroom is an iOS game that you can and totally should buy on the App Store, and is our first commercial product as well as our first app. It’s a racing and vehicular-zombie-flattening game based on our Half-Life 2 modification, Shotgun Sunrise. The game was developed over roughly four months, on a budget of $0.00. Maybe less. Probably less. It is built on the Unreal Development Kit.


In Vroom you’ll drive the Shotgun Sunrise truck around three (so far) tracks, revelling in your extermination of loathesome undead.

We’re hoping you enjoy the game. If you don’t, though, tell us why, so that we can make it better. It’s the only way we’ll learn.

Leave your extravagant praise and/or scathing criticisms in a review, or even better, email me, at


Developed by
Joe Wintergreen-Arthur – Project Lead, Level design, All Kinds Of Other Crap
Jorn van de Beek – Lead Programmer
Matt Pierson – Lead Modeller/Animator
Featuring the incredible musical stylings of
Jonathan Yandel
and the renowned voice-acting prowess of
Dave Kirby
and also a loading screen by
James Benson
and a logo created by
Flay Downes
with thanks to
Epic Games, James Benson, Aaron Ellsworth, Gabe Newell, Erik Johnson, Nikita Vanderbyl, the classy folk of the Penny-Arcade forums, Andrew Quinn, roscoetoon from freesound.org, boteman, benboncan, Jeff of Wonderfully Awful, everybody who liked Shotgun Sunrise
InFlux is a unique physics-based puzzle game featuring a mix of natural and abstract environments, exploration and puzzle platforming. The game is being created on Unreal Engine 3 by Impromptu Games, and is intended to be distributed digitally via Steam for Windows and Mac. A version for mobile devices is to be developed simultaneously, to be released on the iOS App Store, and, depending on UE3 licensing, the Android Market.

The player controls a glowing metal sphere of unknown origin, traversing an apparently deserted island populated by large and mysterious cubic structures of glass and steel, which serve as gateways to another world. Each glasshouse is a puzzle to be solved, but their greater purpose is unknown.

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