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[Allods Online] OB ON! We went League on Tensess.

EntaruEntaru Registered User regular
edited April 2010 in MMO Extravaganza
Allods Online

What is it?

Allods is a new MMORPG based off the world from the Rage of Mages games. Basically the world is split up into floating islands in the Astral Plane. There is some high fantasy and there is some scifi all put into a blender to create a pretty decent free MMO.

Is there anything Unique about it?

Well there is the promise of eventually building and crewing your own Astral Space Galleon with 5-25 of your friends. Then using it to have PVP battles with people from the other factionwho are in their own Ship of Astral Awesome.

Factions you say?

What are Archtypes?

How Do I play?

Allods is currently in Closed Beta. Do not despair as keys are popping up all the time. check the thread for giveaways. was having one but I decided not to link it because there are so few keys left. Try it anyway you might get lucky.

You can also go to the gpotato site and register to be added to the beta list here:

Who's Playing?

Put your character's names in the thread and I'll add you to this section.

Entaru - Entaru the Kanian Druid
Morvidus - Cadberri the Kanian Crusader and Morvidus the Arisen Mage
Kabuki64 - Dalton the Orc Reaver
Is there a PA Guild?

Not yet. We need to discuss logistics.

The majority of us seem to have gone League side.

Server: Tensess

How will they pay for it?

There is a Cash Shop. You can view it in beta and it does not look too game breaking.

What is Fatigue?

Want to see it in Action?

I'll take some screenshots soon and PM me with any you'd like to add.

Here's the Video Review from Massively to give you an idea of how it looks: This is my first OP. Go easy on me.

I plan to add screen shots, a better Faction/Race Section, a better description of the ships and anything anyone else can think of.
Right now a lot of the information for the game past levels 1-20 are all still in Russian as new information comes out I'll add it as well.

Entaru on
Mostly just huntin' monsters.


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