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LA Get together on the 13th KHOO WILL BE THERE OR I'LL EAT MY HAT

KazhiimKazhiim __BANNED USERS
edited December 2009 in Singularity Engine++
December Fools, I don't wear a hat
Kazhiim wrote: »
Okay I'll update the OP

So, I'm thinking we meet in front of the The Counter in Pasadina for lunch at noon on Sunday? I'm not tied down to any place in LA really so if a different location is better, let me know. Who all is coming? I'd like to get a list together. It seems like there's stuff to go to around there too?

Please PM me if you are positive you can show up

Confirmed Guests and also unconfirmed guests:

Tossrock maybe?
Futility if we don't waste money at disneyland
I Win Swordfights is a marginally acceptable substitute for sheri
Belruel and Beldudel
Inquisitor and Visiblehowl and Tabasco if they aren't doing something else
BEARS AND WINGS went a week early
Qorzm maybe

Kazhiim on


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