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That town... there's something wrong with that town...

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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, remake of the original Silent Hill, is being released on Tuesday!

I try to remain optimistic every time a new Silent Hill game is released, but that's become more difficult ever since Konami began outsourcing the series to American developers. Origins and Homecoming were okayish, but not nearly as engaging, thoughtful, or original as their predecessors.

And now we have Shattered Memories, a bizarre looking Wii remake full of questionable design choices. Why does Harry look like Egon? Dahlia might be a goth teen now or something? Why is there only one kind of super generic enemy? Why has the hellish industrial decay been forsaken for a dull, non-threatening winter aesthetic? I guess icicles are kind of scary in a way? They're pretty sharp after all?

I SUPPOSE THESE NAGGING QUESTIONS will all be answered upon the game's release tomorrow. Maybe.

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