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MAGFest presents "Jamspace" at PAX East

NickTheNewbieNickTheNewbie Registered User regular
edited May 2010 in PAX Archive
The good people from MAGFest, the Music And Gaming Festival, will be providing a Jamspace at PAX east this year.

What is Jamspace?
Jamspace is an area where anyone who has any idea how to play an instrument is invited to come up and play music, and anyone who doesn't is invited to watch. The main focus is usually video game music, so you're guaranteed to hear classic stuff that you know and love all weekend.

What equipment is provided?
Almost everything you could ever need. We provide the lighting, amps, guitars, basses, pianos, and drums, and then you provide the talent. You're welcome to bring your own instrument as well. We don't have any violins or saxophones or the like, so when someone brings one of those in, it always gives an unexpectedly awesome result.

Who's allowed to play?
Anyone. Can you play some stuff on the piano? Go ahead. Do you have a backing track that you'd like to play guitar over? Be our guest. Are you in a full band that wants to play a mini set? The stage is yours. Do you want to meet other musicians and jam with them? Jam away.

This can't possibly end with good results...
You'd be surprised! MAGFest has had a Jamspace at itself for the past 3 years, and provided a jamspace for other conventions as well. Musicians always seem to find a way to come out of the woodwork and entertain everyone. Here are some great examples:
Random OCRemix people Toe Jammin' -
PrinceOfDarkness showing off a Sonic 3 arrangement he wrote -
Final Fantasy 6 piano solo -
This Place is Haunted Playing as a full band -

Holy shit that's awesome
Yeah it is. Jamspace will be going the whole weekend at PAX east, so make sure to stop by and enjoy (or make!) some music.

The Jamspace at PAX East is provided by MAGFest, which is a video game music festival hosted just outside Washington, DC. The 9th annual MAGfest will be January 13-16, 2011.

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