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The most magical kiss the world has ever known.

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So I'm hoping to see The Princess and the Frog tonight.

It's a new hand-drawn musical in the style of the late 80's/early 90's Disney movies! For this reason, it is considered kind of significant. You may have heard of it.

I'm very excited. I'm a huge Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast fan. So if you like that kind of stuff, check it out. Also, check these out:

Disney wants to get a new traditionally animated film out every two to two and a half years now. The next one will be a Winnie-the-Pooh movie in 2011 and then The Snow Queen sometime after that. Though next year's Rapunzel will be a princess movie with Alan Menken-- basically 90's Disney without the ink.

So talk about the movie here, but please be mindful of SPOILERS, because not everyone here (including me) has seen it yet.

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