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My family has a lot of traditions this time of the year. There is always a night where we go get some Sonic and tour the neighborhood looking at Christmas decorations. We also have a family movie night, then a fella movie night. Christmas Eve dinner is always cold cuts and hoagie rolls with some sparkling grape juice.

Then at the other family we have a supposedly German Christmas. Instead of opening up gifts on Christmas morning we open them on Christmas eve night. We stay in our rooms until we hear bells, oh and then it's run downstairs for fun. Not sure if this is how it is supposed to be done, but hey that is how we do it.

Every year I build a snowman, sadly one year it was not so much made out of snow as it was chicken wire, starch and newspaper painted white. It turned out quite nice, and no kids knocked it over. Also once a year I go to a movie theater alone with a flask of southern comfort, and sip on that and just enjoy the movie.

What kind of traditions do you have? Alternatively what kind of traditions do you think you will want to start if you create a family?

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