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Die horribly underwater [X-Com TFTD LP]

Zombies Tossed My Salad!Zombies Tossed My Salad! Registered User regular
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X-NET Secure Logon: Authorised Personnel Only

To all X-Com teams
Due to an increase of underwater alien movement the X-Com world command has seen fit to create an oceanic based contact team to deal with this threat. This will not be an easy task by any stretch of the imagination. As we are a band new arm of X-Com we currently do not have access to the technology that out land based counterparts have. The threats we will be facing down here are more dangerous, more prepared, and more willing to kill you at any given moment. Also the environment is hostile in all aspects. We will not be operating on the surface. We will be out at the bottom of the ocean. Even the slightest mistake can end your life. We will be looking for the best of the best of the best.

That said, we are now opening signups to any and all recruits who wish to serve on this mission. If you wish to include your self in this illustrious group of the first contact team, please !signup. The first 8 will make up the core contact team, and we will take replacements from the list of future volunteers. Good luck.

If you wish to see what life as an X-Com operative will be like, please refer to Dr.Fishman's on going report of the topside operations

First Contact team
Team is as follows:
Worthless Lurker

Zombies Tossed My Salad! on


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