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Social Entropy++: AWESOME POST in "The Influence Of The Trans-Formers On 17th-Century British A

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Victorian transformers?

Yes please
Post: The Influence Of The Trans-Formers On 17th-Century British Aristocracy
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Posted by: Dichotomy
Original Content:

First rising to prominence in 1684, the Autonomous Botanists were a coalition of like-minded wealthy British landowners that felt the contents of a free-thinking man's garden were his own business. In a stark contrast, the Decepteconnez, a more authoritarian group, waged a cultural war with them across the channel from their own French holdings, claiming that only through the iron fist of a strict ruling body could the most efficient plantings be determined. They clashed many times in the House, neither gaining a respectable foothold over the other, and many bystanders found themselves awed by the ideological battles taking place in front of them. Pictured above is the leader of the Autonomous Botanists, the legendary man dubbed "Foptimus Prime" in a scathing critique painted by angry Decepteconnez gentry eager on creating a scandal.

While we stand over three hundred years from these events, many educated professionals are only now just starting the realize the grand influence these seemingly insignificant groups have had on Western literature, drama, and aristocracy as a whole.

but really though that's dumb this is the Transformers thread where us fat greasy manchildren talk about our favourite dolls and argue which of the Kiss Players was the most kawaii

if you ever want to know anything about the 26-year-old history of a franchise constructed to sell toys imported from Japan then go here

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