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CF PbP Gaming Index

DarianDarian Registered User regular
edited May 2012 in Critical Failures
Here at Critical Failures, we like to play games. We also like to talk about games and introduce them to other people. Sometimes, when we're talking about the games, it would be helpful to provide a link where new people can see the old games to get a feel for how they play.

Thus, I offer to you an index of all the play-by-post boardgames in Critical Failures:

1000 Blank Cards - crazy randomness
Game 5: GM MrBlarney; fizzled

1870 - classic train game
Game 1: GM Riemann Lives; never started

Android - scifi murder mystery
Game 1: GM Mordenthral; fizzled

Apples to Apples - party game of comparisons
Game 1: GM robotsunshine; fizzled
Game 2: GM summeryclept; fizzled

Arkham Horror - holding on to sanity while cooperatively stopping a Great Old One from consuming the world
Game 1: GM PolloDiablo; Investigator Victory
Game 2: GM Mordenthral; Investigator Victory
Game 3: GM mi-go hunter; ongoing

Battlestar Galactica - cooperative game with traitorous toasters - discussion

Betrayal at House on the Hill - cooperative exploration of a spooky manor

The Big Idea - inventing and promoting your products
Game 1: GM robotsunshine; completed

Blank Card Adventures - homebrew cross of 1000 blank white cards and MSPaint Adventures
Game 1: GM Winky; fizzled :(

Blood Bowl - football in the Warhammer fantasy universe
Original thread: moderated by lightreaper with games played through FUMBBL

Bushido - resource management and conflict in medieval Japan
Game 1: GM Mordenthral; completed
Game 2 (Tanin Expansion): GM Mordenthral; ongoing

Chaos in the Old World - area control game with battle, set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe
Sign up for future games in the CitOW discussion thread
Game 72: GM Gorden858; ongoing
Game 73: GM Darian; ongoing
Game 74: GM doldari; Nurgle
Game 75: GM Lykouragh; ongoing
Game 76: GM doldari; ongoing
Game 77: GM doldari; ongoing
Game 78: GM pesky; ongoing

Chess - classic abstract
2010 Thread; created by Michael H; recruiting players

Diplomacy - world war 1 area control alliance building and betrayal

Doom - space marines v. invading aliens
Game 1: GM krylon666; Invader Victory

Dune - intrigue in a sandy world
Game 1: GM Mordenthral; Completed
Game 2: GM Mordenthral; ongoing

Dungeon Lords - build your dungeon and field monsters to fight off invaders
Game 1: GM blahmcblah; completed
Game 2: GM blahmcblah; completed

Eat Poop, You Cat - Pictionary party variant; often played in SE, as well

Eclipse - space empires battling for supremacy
Game 1; GM Icerimp; completed

Formula D - race around the track
Game 1: GM InkSplat; completed

A Game of Thrones - area control set in George R.R. Martin's fantasy world
Game 1: GM Hermenegilde; completed
Game 2: GM Hermenegilde; fizzled
Game 3: GM Mordenthral; completed
Game 4: GM Mordenthral; fizzled
Game 5 (2nd ed.): GM MrBody; ongoing

Horus Heresy - 2p (or two team) space marine combat
Game 1: GM Mordenthral; Traitor victory
Game 2: GM Mordenthral; Imperial victory
Game 3: GM Farangu; Traitor Spaceport victory

Hour of Glory - stealth missions against Nazis in WW2
Game 1: GM tofu; fizzled

Junta - political game scheming to line your pocketbook on an island
Game 1: GM PolloDiablo; fizzled

Mornington Crescent - famous trip through London's underground
Game 1: GM Arivia; Cardboard Tube victory
Note: This game has been banned, and may no longer be played on the PA forums

Nanofictionary - card-mediated storytelling
Game 1: GM summeryclept; completed

Nomic - the game of rules
Game 1: GM Zombiemambo; fizzled

Pandemic - cooperatively save the world from disease
Game 1: GM PMAvers; final turn victory
Game 2: GM Darian; CDC success

Puerto Rico - build in San Juan and ship goods back home
Games played through the website; PM Darian or ask in the main Boardgame thread for details

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