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Left 4 Dead - Zombie Gabe demands headshots - IHateMountains campaign,survivor nerfs

AlegisAlegis ImpeckableRegistered User regular
edited June 2010 in Games and Technology

What is 'Left for Dead'?
The best goddamn co-op game you'll ever find, that's what it is.
First started as a project from Turtle Rock Studios and afterward lovingly embraced by Valve's touch of brilliance, it's a shooter that pits you and 3 friends (or bots, if you hate yourself) versus lots of zombies.
What makes it awesome however is that team play is not just recFommended, it is most utterly required. That means you need the right people to enjoy this game and you've come to the right place.

This game is so awesome but how do I play with you guys so I don't end up with terrible pubs?
Steamgroup: Armadeaddon
For an invite [url=steam://friends/joinchat/103582791429532423]Join the Chat![/url] It's where lobbies get made and players celebrate.

Get a microphone and talk!

Xbox 360:
Add the following gamertag to your friendslist: A PA L4D2 Group - list maintained by Local H Jay

Apparently people still play this! Click spoiler to expand
Are you as strong as Moustachio? Prove it.
14e9ojs.jpg Basic Game info - what is new?

14e9ojs.jpg Screenshots

14e9ojs.jpg Movies!

14e9ojs.jpg Useful player info & tips
2j5jo82.png Quick tips for beginners:

14e9ojs.jpg Tweak/Edit stuff:
2j5jo82.png Lower maximum allowed server ping in lobby searches:
2j5jo82.png Performance tweaks

14e9ojs.jpg Custom Maps
To enable custom content, install L4D2 Add-On Support in the Tools tab of Steam.

2j5jo82.png L4D in L4D2
To get these running, you need:
2j5jo82.png City 17
2j5jo82.png Death Aboard 2

For more check out sites like L4Dmaps.
Feel free to recommend some that are worthwhile - I never play custom maps.

Other Cool Stuff
2j5jo82.png Gabe visits LaCabra to check out his custom campaign

2j5jo82.png Penny Arcader Beavotron makes absolutely adorable L4D plushies

2j5jo82.png Pictures from Savannah on which The Passing campaign is based:

2j5jo82.png Interesting reads:

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