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He's out, [chat] before wicket!

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This man and Paul Collingwood were absolute heroes today. Usually an utter plum, but today Ian R Bell bestrode the pitch like a colossus. Batting for around 4/5 hours and grinding away in the teeth of desperate Saffers aggression, Bell stood firm. Until he got out and made the last three overs terrifyingly tense.


A short list of helpful cricket terms for the uninitiated.

Googly - The legspinner's variation that turns into the right-hander and away from the left-hander

Grubber - A ball that hardly bounces - see also shooter

Leg-bye - When the ball deflects off the pad and the batsmen run. A shot must be offered to the ball. Leg-byes do not count against the bowler

Long hop - a ball which pitches short, sits up and 'begs' to be hit

Trundler - Slow, laborious type of bowler who thinks he's quick, once was quick, or is simply old, fat and unfit and needs to be put out to pasture. See military medium

Wrong 'un - Australian term for a googly - a legspinner's delivery that turns in the opposite direction, ie from off to leg

Yorker - A full-pitched delivery that is aimed at the batsman's toes and/or the base of the stumps. If the ball is swinging, these can be the most lethal delivery in the game, as perfected by Waqar Younis in his pomp

Zooter - A spin bowling variation, first devised by Shane Warne. This is a delivery that snakes out of the hand with little or no spin imparted, and so deceives through its very ordinariness. Some question whether the delivery has ever existed, for it could be another of Warne's mindgames to keep his opponents on their toes

That last bit is bolded to give an example of how awesome Aussie fat bloke Shane Warne is.

And read all about England's incredible last day in the test today against South Africa right here.

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