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Blank Card Adventures!

WinkyWinky Registered User regular
edited February 2010 in Critical Failures
Blank Card Adventures!

Alright, this is a new idea that I’ve come up with. You take one part 1k Blank Cards and one part D&D Adventures. Mix liberally and sprinkle with clever players. I can only imagine this ending very well.

Here’s the premise. Each player only has one goal: absolute victory. However, the road to utter domination will not be smooth. You must properly utilize the powers of your cards in order achieve victory!

Each player exists as an avatar in my poorly-drawn comic world. These avatars have stats, attributes, and exist in a defined space. They exist on a map, predefined before the game. Each time an action is taken or the game world changes, I will draw a new panel in order to update it.

How do you play? Play a card. The game is played with a hand of seven cards, some of them blank and some of them prewritten. A card manipulates the game world. It can make your avatar perform some action, it may alter the game world around you, summon entities, shatter the fabric of time and space, what have you. Each player takes turns playing a card in a predefined pattern (decided by myself). At the end of each round of playing, they are PMed a new card. If a player has a blank card, they can edit this blank card (using photoshop or mspaint or what have you) in order to make it do whatever they wish.

There is one rule about what may be on these cards. They must have a cost. Now, what is a cost? That’s up to you to decide. It could be MP, or money, or dignity. I don’t care, but it must have some sort of cost in order to play. It is also important, however, that you all know that any card is up to interpretation by me as to how it will go into effect, and if I can turn a card against you I will.

There’s one other thing: once per game a player may choose to play a foil blank card. A foil blank card must be really really epic, and have a suitably enormous cost. Playing such a card will manifest a super awesome cutscene.

The map that this game will be played on is dm_adventure:

In order to join this game, you must PM me with the following information:
Your avatar’s stats: You are given 50 points to divide in any manner between your basic attributes. Your basic attributes can be whatever the hell you want. For instance, I might dump 10 points into “HP”, 20 points into “studliness”, and 20 points into “sociopathy”.

Your avatar’s physical appearance: You must give me some description or picture.

Five cards that you have invented yourself: I will give preference to people who make up some really good cards. I will select primarily for cards that manipulate the game world in clever ways, utilize stats and attributes, and have clever costs. Keep in mind: I'm going to take the cards that you make, add them to the deck, and then redistribute them later, so don't just make cards that you want to have, as other players may end up getting them.

Maybe some avatar background or equally awesome thing that I can use: It’s up to you to make up something really great.

RMS Oceanic

Feel free to give suggestions/criticisms on the rules and what not.

Also, as an added service, if you don't have the time or programs required to make your own cards, you can PM me your card concept and I'll make it for you.

Winky on


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