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ATI Catalyst problems: Forcing higher refresh rates.

ArcticMonkeyArcticMonkey Registered User
How can I force a non standard refresh rate on my ATI HD5770 in Windows 7 x64?

I know my monitor can do the resolution/refresh rate I want (1280x720@72Hz) since I used it for a year on my old Nvidia card.

I am on the latest 9.12 Catalyst Driver and Powerstrip is no help.

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ArcticMonkey on


  • GreenishGreenish Registered User regular
    edited January 2010
    I haven't tested it in Win7 x64 but you might could try ATI Tray Tools.

  • ArcticMonkeyArcticMonkey Registered User
    edited January 2010
    Good suggestion, but Windows stopped ATI Tray Tools from installing an unsigned driver. (I know there are ways to force Win7 to use unsigned drivers, but they are more of a hassle then rebooting to XP)

    The program still let me set my desired refresh rate, but nothing happened when it should change.

    Next step is to see if I can get WinXP to work at 72Hz :(

    "You read it! You can't unread it!"
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