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Mass Effect 2: New Thread Go!

ChaosHatChaosHat Registered User regular
edited January 2010 in Games and Technology

Questions about ME1? Hit the spoiler below!
Why should you play this game?

Launch Trailer! Some spoilers/reveals

Epic Voice Acting!

Want to know about the classes? Here you go! awesome ost music? yes please
BlackDove wrote: »
vsove wrote: »
The DLC was not finished when the game went to certification. It still has people working on it. This is not a matter of opinion - it is a fact. It's not on the disc because hey, we can't actually control the flow of time, no matter how much we might like to.
Q: I can't find any of X element! What planets have a lot of it?
A: DVG made this awesome spreadsheet that is sortable by elements you need!

Q: Is there a point of no return?
A: Yes, spoilers!

Q: A certain character in the bar on Ilium says I did something to him I didn't! What's up with that?
A: Common knowledge says that character is bugged at the moment. It's not just you.

Q: What are the various import bonuses?
A: Players with the "Rich" achievement start with more dollars in the bank. Characters at level 60 start at level 5, 50-59 start at level 3, and characters at least level 40 start at level 2. Apparently there are also hundreds and hundreds of tiny decisions that are brought over from a Mass Effect 1 save, so you really owe it to yourself to have at least one, good save (referred to as a "canon save")

Q: What is the canon for a new, non-imported ME2 character?
If you don't import a character the choices are

Think thats all of them

Q: What do I get to change when importing a character?
A: Class and appearance. Your name and everything else stay the same.

Q: Where are all of those saves for the pc?
A: You can download a bunch of saves for the pc version here.

Q: I heard there was no new game+
A: Actually, there is. They said that a long time ago, but since changed their minds.

Q: Is there a list of achievements?
A: Yes, here.

Q: Do these achievements give bonuses like in Mass Effect 1?
A: No.

Q: How do I redeem Cerberus Network crap?
A: The folks at BioWare had this to say.

Q: Do I have to have an internet connection active to load a save with DLC?
A: No you don't need to stay logged in to xbox LIVE account to use the DLC. You need to start the game with it to log on to to the system to get it, but then you can do like I did and login with the offline account to play once it's downloaded.

Q: What's with all the "silly goose" stuff?
A: Due to new forum rules, the only insult that you can use is "silly goose."

Q: People are always asking me about X. Why isn't it in the OP?
A: While I will try to stay ahead of the curve, sometimes I'll miss stuff in a fast moving thread. The best way to get something added to the FAQ (or OP for that matter) is probably to just PM me. Or just post it a lot. And if you could toss in the A to the Q, that would help out a lot too.

oh, and spoilers? if they'll destroy your experience, try to bag them and tag them. thanks.

OP stolen from Nuzak! Modified by me!

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