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Dwarf cancels mine: Interrupted by Bandwagon (Dwarf Victory)

BremenBremen Registered User regular
edited February 2010 in Critical Failures

Urist Gasttobul looked with awe upon the mountains and unspoiled wilderness of the new settlement site. Food would be plentiful, and the mountains promised rich deposits of iron and precious gems. Turning around, he walked back to the wagons with a smile on his face.

"Hey Urist, come help us unload the ale!" another dwarf shouted, and Urist hurried over to help. It was a glimpse of the seasons of hard work ahead of them before the settlement was truly established, but no dwarf worth his drink was afraid of a little stout labor. Soon they'd unloaded the barrels into an impressive pile. Urist looked at it dubiously.

"This doesn't look like it will last thirty of us very long" he said at last.

"Thirty? Hardly. There aren't more than two dozen of us, that's all the settlement plan called for" said another dwarf, Urist thought his name was Iden. "Can't you count?"

"I just did a few minutes ago, and there were at least thirty unloading the wagons." Urist protested. He was starting to get a bad feeling about this. "Maybe we had a few sto-" He was interrupted by numerous shouts from the other side of the wagon.

"Endok is dead! Murder!" a loud voice said. Other voices picked it up "Murder! The expedition leader is dead!"

Rushing over, Urist and the other dwarves were met with the sight of Endok Tekkudegom's body, still on the ground beside the body of another dwarf, each with their hands gripping the other's throat. Excited voices rose from the crowd.

"Who's that dwarf? I don't recognize him from the trip." Iden demanded. Urist gave the other body a good look, then gave a shout.

"That's no dwarf!" he bellowed, and reached down to pull off a huge clump of moss from where it was glued to the body's face in a cunning imitation of a dwarven beard. "It's a goblin spy!"

The excited voices stopped suddenly, replaced by the sound of dozens of simultaneous indrawn breaths. Urist dropped the moss and turned around. Each dwarf was eyeing the others, and Urist, with deep suspicion.

Welcome to the Dwarf Fortress Mini phalla. This mini will attempt to capture, in some small part, the many idiosyncrasies and minor absurdities of Bay 12 Game's wonderful simulation. Playing the game is highly encouraged, but experience with it is neither required nor expected for players in this phalla. However, if you're interested in the game (and you should be), the official PA thread here is a good place to start.

The world of Dwarf Fortress is a strange, often seemingly irrational place. In both the game and the phalla, players should be prepared for the fact that their long held expectations and tactics may no longer apply.

The dwarves win when all goblins are killed or imprisoned, and the goblins win when the number of unimprisoned goblins outnumbers the number of unimprisoned dwarves (Players in elected noble positions count double for this number, the expedition leader counts triple). If the unimprisoned population of the settlement falls below 5 without either side winning, the settlement is no longer able to sustain itself and is abandoned.


Food and drink.

The dwarves have come with only enough supplies to last a single day. Food must be gathered to prevent starvation and drink must be brewed to prevent the dreaded soberness that can rob a dwarf of his will to live. Each day, the expedition leader must pick 3 players to gather food and 3 to brew alcohol the next day, and the names of those picked will be revealed in the narration. All players who gather food or brew drinks are unable to use any other abilities that night. If a goblin is included in this selection they may choose not to carry out their duties, a dwarf always will.

If not enough food is gathered, one dwarf will starve to death that night. Goblins will steal food if there is a shortage, and nobles will claim first pick of whatever is left. Beyond that, whatever dwarf goes without will be picked randomly.

If not enough alcohol is gathered, two dwarves will have to go sober and will become depressed, unable to carry out any action other than gathering food or brewing alcohol. Goblins, savage creatures that they are, do not need alcohol to get through the day, and nobles will take first pick of the available supply. Apart from this the dwarves who go sober will be random.

In each narration the village will learn if enough food or alcohol was gathered, but not who gathered and who did not. Sober dwarves will receive a private notice that they cannot act; dwarves who starved will be listed along with other casualties in that night's narration.


Each day, players will have the chance to elect one of their number to a new noble position by voting in lime. Election to re-fill the office of a noble who has died may also take place in yellow, with the position for re-election specified if there is more than one. There will also be a daily kill vote in red.

Each noble position has its own ability that may be used to help or hinder the dwarven settlement. If a noble appears not to be acting in the best interests of the dwarves, or simply not living up to his campaign promises, it may be best to kill him and re-elect someone else before the goblins can use the position to control the settlement.


There are no seers. It's up to the dwarves to put together info from the votes and resource production in order to hunt down the goblins. Similarly, role calls are unlikely to be helpful.


Like the dwarves, the goblin spies have limited manpower and must assign it to various tasks each day. A goblin may not work at providing food or drink and also take a nightly action, though he may choose to abandon his official duties and focus on covert ones instead.

As goblins are killed, the remainder will become desperate and more nightly tasks will become available to them.

Vote close will be at 9pm Pacific time (5 AM GMT). Standard rules apply; no screencaps or anonymous contact, send me a link to any proboards, no editing vote posts, you must vote every day or be removed as inactive (and I mean don't even miss one), no talking about the game with/if you're dead (you can make ghost posts as long as they don't involve gameplay). If you find a way to break the game it's my fault, not yours, but I'll probably still hate you.

Looking for 30 signups, plus reserves. I'm usually fairly strict about replacing inactives, so I wouldn't mind a healthy number of reserves.

1) Bookkeeper Kratalightblade
2) Saphier, Dwarf Peasant - Starved.
3) Zandracon
4) Garroad_ran, Dwarf Peasant - Starved
5) Shalmelo, Dwarf Peasant - Killed by a vengeful mob.
6) Sheriff Jackisreal, Miner - Killed by Goblins
7) Thelawinator, Dwarf Peasant - Killed by a vengeful mob
8) Rawkking Goodguy, Metalsmith - Trampled to death by the elephant
9) Adventfalls, Mason - Killed by Goblins
10) Reg Rysk, Dwarf Peasant - Killed by a vengeful mob.
11) Malkor
12) Dogbone33, Goblin - Killed by the Dwarf Champion
13) [strike]Maximus[/strike] EnlightenedBum, Dwarf Peasant - Killed by Goblins
14) Typhus733, Dwarf Peasant - Starved
15) Dusda, Goblin - Trampled to death by the elephant
16) Whitewolf
17) Dunadan019, Artifact creator - Killed by the Dwarf Champion
18) [strike]nefffffffffff[/strike] Bliss 101
19) Jdarksun, Dwarf Peasant - Killed by Goblins
20) Immortal Squish, Dwarf Peasant - Starved
21) Erich Zahn, Possessed Dwarf - Killed by a vengeful mob/Commited suicide
22) Expedition Leader LonelyAhava
23) Trade Broker Savant
24) The Cow King, Weaponsmith - Killed by the elephant
25) Jaenther, Goblin - Killed by a vengeful mob
26) Hippie, Dwarf Recruit - Killed by Goblins
27) Kime, Dwarf Peasant - Killed by a vengeful mob
28) Lemminghead, Mason - left the settlement.
29) Sheriff romanqwerty
30) Zellpher, Goblin - Killed by a vengeful mob


Day 1
Night 1/Day 2
Night 2/Day 3
Night 3/Day 4
Night 4/Day 5
Night 5/Day 6
Night 6/Day 7
Night 7/Day 8

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