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[Phalla] True Names 2: The Namening - GAME OVER

RendRend Registered User regular
edited February 2010 in Critical Failures
There is much power in a name.

I became the ruler of Hell in a time of turmoil and death, and that is how I shall remain. My power WILL be uncompromised. It shall be total and complete.

For I am Seth, the winds of destruction. I climbed from the lowest rungs of hell to the throne.

And I am to be feared.

Welcome to True Names 2: The Namening.

You may remember the fizzled mini earlier last week! Well, this will be much the same. Some of the rules will be different. Here's a bit of a breakdown.
-The spells have changed. There will be more of them, and each player will be individually able to cast less of them.
-There are now spots for 50 players!
-There will now be a traditional mafia faction

I don't have time to type the rules all out right here or right now, but this OP will become populated with rules sometime before the game starts.

Sign ups will be in the next post.

The Six Houses
Each player in this game will belong to one of the six houses.
The Demonic First House of Lucifer
The Ancient House of Abbaddon
The Great House of Azathoth
The Everlasting House of Nurgle
The Rightful House of Loki
and lastly, the newest player in the infernal game of politics,
The Usurping House of Seth

The Usurping House of Seth will function like a traditional mafia. Their deaths will not only be required to end the game for the forces of one of the five other houses, it will signal the end of the game.

Winning the game
Each of the five houses of Hell must accomplish the same goal in order to win. They must annhilate all members of The Usurping House of Seth, removing Seth from his seat of infernal power, and then have the most victory points of any house.

Victory points are awarded for several things, most commonly the deaths of members of the house's enemies. A structure of alliances follows:
Lucifer is allied with Nurgle and Azathoth, and wars with Abbaddon and Loki.
Abbaddon is allied with Loki and Nurgle, and wars with Lucifer and Azathoth
Azathoth is allied with Lucifer and Loki, and wars with Abbaddon and Nurgle
Nurgle is allied with Abbaddon and Lucifer, and wars with Azathoth and Loki
Loki is allied with Azathoth and Abbaddon, and wars with Nurgle and Lucifer

However, brutal as infernal politics are, they are also very delicate. Make sure not to annhilate your enemies... beating them into submission will gain you victory points, but outright killing the lot of them will lose you more than you gained.
Many more ways to achieve victory points for your house will be noted here later.

As far as how the Usurping House of Seth wins the game... well, their goal is no mystery, but their methods could not be more subtle.

Spells and the Caste System
Each house is divided up into two castes. The Greater Caste, which are the ambassadors, emissaries, politicians, and rulers of the house, and the Lesser Caste, which are the soldiers, spies, and laborers of the house. Every house will have a Patriarch, with access to the most powerful magics the house has to offer. This patriarch will be selected randomly from the Greater Caste, and a new patriarch will be selected if a former patriarch is killed.

If no valid Greater Caste members are left, a Lesser Caste member will be appointed the title of patriarch.

Each house will also have a General, a member of the Lesser Caste. Unlike the Patriarch, however, the General title is not reappointed if the original dies.

Each caste will start the game with the names of the rest of the caste's members. However, each house will have to join their two castes to become complete.

True Names, Targeting, and Consuming Demons
Every player will have both a Forum Name, which is the name under which you have signed up for the game, and also a True Name, which will be randomly assigned to each individual. Guard your true name well, for it is they key not only to your power, but to power over you.

In order to target any power, except when otherwise EXPLICITLY noted, you must target a true name. For instance:
"I will cast Summon Trophy on Rend" - This is wrong. This will get you killed (see: The Law of True Names and knowledge which should not be)
"I will cast Summon Trophy on Gragslarrianpet" - Assuming, of course, this is an actual true name, this is acceptable.

The Law of True Names states that each demon has one True Name which must be used to target it. Be careful though. If you attempt to target a True Name which does not exist, you will immediately be ripped asunder for meddling with the knowledge which should not be. You can die this way by:
1. Targeting a True Name which does not exist
2. Targeting a True Name which does exist but you made a typo
3. Targeting ANYTHING AT ALL other than an existing, correctly spelled, True Name

If you die this way the kill will be counted as a kill for each of your current house's enemies.

There are 2 types of costs for casting spells: Consuming Essence, and Consuming Life.

To Consume the essence of a Demon, you merely target them as part of the casting, as in paying the cost. When a Demon's essence is consumed, they will be unable to act that night. No harm will come to them from this consumption, but they will find themselves unable to move. In traditional mafia terms, consuming the essence of a demon is analogous to Roleblocking them.

To consume the life of a demon, you kill them. They are completely and irrevocably dead. There is no way to block a kill. There are no guardians. Any defensive states in the game are passable easily and relatively transparent, and so for the most part if you manage to successfully cast a spell whose cost is someone dying, that person will be dead.

The following rules apply:
1. If two demons try to consume the essence of the same demon, they will both fail, and the spell will fizzle. The demon will remain un-consumed.
2. If two demons try to consume each others' essence, they will both fail. The spells will fizzle.
3. The top two rules apply in a circle as well, as all actions are simultaneous.
4. A demon can successfully have both their essence and life consumed in a single night.
5. If a single demon's life is consumed twice in one night, they will die, but the kill will be unattributed.
6. If any cost of a spell you intend to cast does not go through, your spell will fizzle.

Patriarch Spells
Patriarchs are limited to the following selection of spells.
Summon Trophy - Consume a demon's life in order to summon a trinket of them to put on your mantle. (This is analogous to a Vigilante kill. It is the primary way to kill in this game)
Expunge - Consume the life of a member of The Usurping House of Seth who is masquerading in your house. If this spell successfully eliminates a member of the house of Seth, gain double Victory Points from the kill. Otherwise, lose double Victory Points.

Greater Caste Spells
All Greater Caste members are limited to the following selection of spells.
True Hearing - Consume the essence of one demon to learn the True Name linked to one Forum Name
Scry - Consume the essence of three demons to learn which forum names target which forum names, to and from your house. (IE, if someone killed your house member or if your house member used True Hearing on some else, etc)
Treason - Consume the life of one demon in your house and one demon in the target house. Also, provide the True Names of ALL true members of the target house. If this is successful, you become a member of the target house.

General Spells
Generals are limited to the following selection of spells.
Loyalty - Consume the essence of one Lesser Caste demon in your house. If you would die tonight, that demon dies instead.
Sacrifice - Consume the life of one Lesser Caste demon in your house and one target True Name. No victory points are awarded for the death of your allied Demon.
Conquer - Target one opposing house who numbers 2 or less demons. Target True Name may cast spells at a cost of one less consumed essence than normal. (IE True Hearing would have no cost. Scry would only require the essence of two demons)

Lesser Caste Spells
Lesser Caste members are limited to the following selection of spells.
Protect - No cost. The target demon cannot have their essence consumed tonight.
Investigate - Consume the essence of two demons to learn the True Name of target Forum Name, as well as their house.

The Infernal Forces
Any reserves and/or players who exceed a multiple of 5 players in this game will be relegated to the roles of The Infernal Forces, a unique type of role.

These roles will be public. Though you will not know which Infernal Force a player is, you will know that they are Infernal Forces.

Infernal Forces are members of the Demon's Council which have alternate agendas. They have the ability to award victory points to a house which accomplishes a task for them, in exchange for leaving the game victorious. Think of them like living quests or quest givers. On the same token, though, they are worth a smaller amount of Victory Points if they are destroyed. Try to make friends with the Infernal Forces, for they are far more valuable living than dead.

Each Infernal Force has a different win condition and awards victory points for different tasks. Also, they can each only award victory points to one house before leaving in victory.

Gaining and Losing Victory Points
Each house gains VPs individually.
-Gain 1 VP each time a member of an opposing house dies.
-Lose 10 VP each time the last living member of an opposing house is killed.
-Gain 2 VP each time your house kills a member of The Usurping House of Seth
-Gain 1 VP each time an allied house kills a member of The Usurping House of Seth
-Gain 2 VP if you are the first house to eliminate all Seth spies in your house.
-Gain 3 VP if you kill the final living member of the Usurping House of Seth.
-Gain 1 VP for killing an Infernal Force
-At the end of the game, lose 1 VP for each living opposing house member.
-At the end of the game, gain 2 VP if your General is still alive.
-At the end of the game, gain 2 VP if your Patriarch is still in the Greater Caste

Note: I reserve the right to revise these numbers and add or remove from this list as the game goes on. If I see something completely imbalanced or otherwise unfair, I will fix it as immediately as I can.

Rend on


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