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[GAME ON] Captain forever!

MightyMighty Registered User regular
edited February 2010 in Games and Technology
Welcome to the wild world of captain forever! where you can be a captain..... FOREVER!


You are the captain of the s.s. Nemesis! this ship is IMMORTAL! when its core is threatened, the ship's temporal shield will break, causing a massive explosion and sending it back in time!

Unfortunately this explosion tends to attract.... Unwanted attention. pirates and the law will descend upon you, shooting first and asking questions later!

As you progress in fights and collect bits, you may notice a color change, this means they are stronger! green is weakest, whereas white or tye-dye is strongest!

for instance, a white bolt will tear through green blocks without hesitation, whereas a default bolt (from your heart shaped core) will take AGES to bore through white blocks.

Here's the ship i made, just before tye-dye law enforcers tore me to shreds!!

so.... Defend yourself! click and drag parts to create your own ship!

The cross bars are lasers - more color means more damage and range!
The U shaped things are boosters - more color means more thrust!
Experiment with your own creations.


Fly ships like this!

Enjoy being a captain forever! play a clean start HERE

P.s. i forgot to mention, that you can export your doomed ship and let others play it! post the image of the ship you made and the link like the one above!

Mighty on
Gamertag - Mightyvvhitey


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