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Can we talk about idiot social panic?

DodgeBlanDodgeBlan GaderenPSN: GaderenRegistered User regular
edited February 2010 in Singularity Engine++
So at work today I've been spending all day reading different articles about idiots in various countries panicking that some relatively minor thing is going to destroy their life, rape their children, turn their children into hookers, rape the hookers, and then take their assault rifles and give them to socialist hookers.

AUSTRALIAN BULLSHIT PANIC: So apparently heaps of people over 40 think that the hypersexualized nature of pop music and billboards and shit is going to turn their little girls into whores. Nevermind that girls putting on makeup and pretending to be ladies (nowadays generally quite slutty ladies) has been going on forever. Because a whole bunch of 18-21 year olds think that when you go out to the club you gotta look like Fergie or something means they are just going to fuck a whole bunch of random guys and die of an STD? They are going to start doing it when they are FOURTEEN?

Honestly though I think most of the people on this board grew up watching an endless parade of pop stars gyrating constantly. Is Lady Gaga really any worse? Is she really going to destroy the minds of little girls everywhere?

AMERICAN BULLSHIT PANIC: Okay well the whole tea party thing is just crazy. People somehow hate big banks and think Obama is a communist and that the communists and the big banks are somehow in league? Does this make any sense?

AUSTRALIAN BULLSHIT PANIC #2: The internet and electronic media in general. This is basically the product of people who are in charge being afraid of technology they do not understand. Porn will destroy children. Video games will destroy children. Videogames and porn together will destroy society.

In summation: the socially conservative are terrible.

DodgeBlan on


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