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The JoeUser Commemorative Cute/Pet Thread (NSF56K/complainers)

FearghaillFearghaill MidgardI hear some secret agents only get cars.Registered User regular
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While JoeUser may not be dead yet, the fact that he only made 8.7% of the posts in the last pet thread is very worrying. He barely held the top spot, challenged hard by Staleghoti who is in full-on proud papa mode.

Based on this limited amount of data, I feel qualified to assume that he is suffering from what is clinically known as the Winter Blahs, and diagnose 100 more pages of cute pictures of forumers pets, and animals w wish were our pets to cheer him up.

TL;DR - I want an excuse to post pictures of my collies in the snow, and the old thread is done.





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