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Grumpy Old Men, Get your [Grump] On.



  • ScalfinScalfin __BANNED USERS regular
    edited March 2010
    LeCaustic wrote: »
    New grump;


    How much fucking cologne does that store spray/put into its ventilation ducts?! I have to fucking hold my breath walking BY the store.
    Speaking of... I really dislike how I can't walk into a clothing store (that's not something like Eddie Bauer) now-a-days without having my fucking eardrums blown off by whatever horrible techo-pop insanity is in this month.

    Seriously, I just want to buy some nice looking jeans. I don't want to go fucking clubbing while I pick my clothing out.

    I don't even think it's what's in, I think it's the music version of Transmorphersd.

    The rest of you, I fucking hate you for the fact that I now have a blue dot on this god awful thread.
  • ScalfinScalfin __BANNED USERS regular
    edited March 2010
    Movitz wrote: »
    Scalfin wrote: »
    Movitz wrote: »
    Grudge wrote: »
    People who absolutely has to smoke that cigarrette while waiting for the bus, and then sits down on the seat next to mine, smelling like a full, wet ashtray. I'm going to bring a can of Glade to spray you right in your silly eyes next time you do that.

    Also you people who, when getting off the bus just takes one step outside the doors, and then pauses there to light a new cigarrette. Get the FUCK out of my way, smokey. This goes for the escalators coming up from the subway too.

    This also goes for old ladies with way to much rancid perfume on them, or men with aftershave. Or people that eats raw garlic for breakfast.

    New Grump:
    There a dude at work who must eat an astounding amount of garlic, like everyday. He probably oozes that stuff now because his clothes smell real nasty and when I pass him in the corridors I always find myself holding my breath. It's like old, stale garlic-funk.

    This is not ok, wash your clothes, yourself, your teeth and for god's sake eat less garlic man!

    Except the smoke smell can give you cancer.

    You think that smoke smell from someones breath will give you cancer? o_O

    There were some studies a while back showing that the smoke smell in clothing contains a lot of carcinogens.

    The rest of you, I fucking hate you for the fact that I now have a blue dot on this god awful thread.
  • ScalfinScalfin __BANNED USERS regular
    edited March 2010
    Fiziks wrote: »
    Ugg boots. God, I hate them. When I see the holy trinity of fake tan, tights, and ugg boots my blood fucking curdles.

    Because I go to school in Long Island, I see this multiple times on a daily basis. Grump.

    The "Kansas City Casual" fashion trend for women is ugg boots, jeans, t-shirt, North Face fleece jacket, hair up, and too much makeup.

    It makes me want to punch things.


    What the fuck is up with the North Face jackets? I used to see all of the frat/sorority bitches wearing them on campus, now it's spreading like a virus.

    It really pisses me off because I own a lot of North Face gear because I actually go backpacking. In the mountains. Every year. I'll throw on my jacket because it's quality shit, but really, all these kids buying camping equipment because it looks cool is fucking ridiculous.

    We should organize a KC PA camping outing.

    On topic - North Face makes good stuff, but pricey. I think that's why the 18-26 year old spoiled brats have dug their claws into it, because they know not very many people are going to blow $100 on a fleece jacket, thus keeping their exclusive little club.

    Their exclusive little club being EVERYONE IN JOHNSON COUNTY BETWEEN THE AGES OF 16-26.

    I nominate you to organize the Second Annual KC PA Activity since I did the first one and only like 5 people showed up.

    I think it's because there's a sort of credibility in buying stuff that's expensive due to quality rather than stylishness. Also, if you're talking about the Michelin man coats, it's probably also because college kids walk to classes and want something that keeps their legs warm.

    The rest of you, I fucking hate you for the fact that I now have a blue dot on this god awful thread.
  • GrudgeGrudge Far Beyond DrivenRegistered User regular
    edited March 2010
    It was the same with Canada Goose jackets here some years ago. It was all the rage among the city kids for a couple of years until the poor people from the projects started to buy them too, and then they went away.

  • Page-Page- Registered User regular
    edited March 2010
    I've got a specific grump that always ruins Christmas and birthdays for me.

    Nobody in my family likes surprises but me. In fact, most of them HATE surprises. My sister is the worst; she'll walk right up to me and tell me what she wants me to get her and what she got me. It really ruins any fun I have with the Christmas presents, because I'm not at an age where I need anything, so I don't have a personal list. I also like to get creative with gifts, which rarely works.


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