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A Larval Lark

.Tripwire..Tripwire. FirmanRegistered User regular
edited February 2010 in Help / Advice Forum
So I had this piece of luggage next to my bed that I hadn't moved for like, months. Because my room is tiny and I wasn't travelling. Today I moved it, and found underneath some kind of larva just chillin' out on the carpet.

This was exactly the trigger I needed to launch me into a hysterical fit of paranoia. At first I thought it was a maggot, and still am unsure. I eat at my computer often, things like crackers or granola or chips, so itty crumbs end up on the floor now and then. I clean, and if they're too small for me to notice I figure I'll just get 'em the next time I vacuum.

I scoured the carpet, thoroughly investigated every nook of the luggage, peeled off each layer of my bedding cautiously, checked underneath the five month old piece of steak I keep under the mattress (IT'S A JOKE) and couldn't find any more.

It was white, a centimeter long, and writhed its ends which made it just sort of flop around. I did some cursory reading on the Internet. Research proved to only fuel my paranoia because a lot of sites like to discuss the worst case scenario, which in this case could be a TYPE OF MAGGOT THAT INFILTRATES YOUR BODY AND BORES ITS WAY OUT OF YOUR FLESH WHEN DONE FEEDING WHAT THE FUCK. But I also read that maggots are fast crawlers apparently? Well this specimen knew I was coming for it and barely flopped a millimeter away.

So. Is this a domestic occurence more common than I realize? If I find one larva, how likely is it there's a scrambly pile of them somewhere I haven't uncovered? Are there ever lone insect spawns, or is there a heap of eggs that could be invisible to me? What is a reasonable extent of investigation? Do I have to go unfold every item of clothing I own? Why are larva so GROSS? Fuck!

I'm scared of going to bed tonight and waking up like this:

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