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[Chaos] CitOW Game 10

MordenthralMordenthral Registered User
edited March 2010 in Critical Failures

Welcome to Chaos in the Old World, Fantasy Flight Games' boardgame take at Games Workshop's famous fantasy IP. In this game, players take the role of one of the four Ruinous Powers of the universe.


This will be a Play-By-Post game of Chaos in the Old World.


OP edited after stealing it shamelessly from admanb, who stole it from Darian, who stole it from Rend; board graphics courtesy of MrBlarney


You can make battle rolls via orokos
Delmain wrote: »
Use Xd6o6h4.

o is for Open, it rolls them over and over until you get a not-6. e6 just rerolls 6s once, even if another 6 comes up.

Please use "COW 10" as the campaign name.

If you are uncomfortable inputing your own rolls, I can make them for you. I have been modding games on BGG for awhile now, but this will be my first on this board.


You can read some good game information in the first few posts of Game 9 if you are unfamiliar with how to play.

I will be using the growing list of people who have been wanting to play to fill the Chaos Gods' shoes for this match.

Mordenthral on
stever777 wrote: »
True. You are good Mord.


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