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Getting back into DnD. Possible to play online?

BhaalenBhaalen Registered User
edited March 2010 in Critical Failures
I was big into DnD as a teenager but, do to a lack of reliable DnD buddies, I lost interest. A year or so ago I got the itch to start playing again, so I went ahead and bought the 4e set of books. The only problem being no one to play with again.

So I got the idea of playing online. I remember back in high school there was this awesome table top gaming website (can't remember the name for the life of me) that had a pretty neat java program that allowed a table top experience online. It basically had a chat interface with a map window. The DM could create an entire adventure with custom tile sets, and the players could move their characters minis around. You could roll dice for everyone to see or the DM could hide the rolls. You could modify your character sheet in real time etc. It was pretty awesome.

So my question is. Is there anything out there like this anymore? I can only imagine the possibilites of something like this combined with ventrilo. I've done some looking but can't seem to find anything except DnD online the mmo. :(

Bhaalen on
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