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Let Satan Into Your Body: Tattoo Thread

CogliostroCogliostro Marginal OpinionsSpring, TXRegistered User regular
edited April 2010 in Singularity Engine++
So yeah, I haven't seen one of these for a while... and since I got inked for the first time last month, I thought I would just kind of say howdy and ask Entropers what ink they have... maybe post a few pictures? if you Haven't been inked yet, go ahead and post what you want! I told myself when i found something that I liked for 6 months I'd do it. Well, the one I liked fell by the wayside when I decided to do something else... and I'm quiet happy.

So first here's mine... many of you will recognize it, I'll let you blurt it out. I've wanted it for a while, and decided to do it after I saw how good the guy did with the boyfriend's.
Keep in mind this was brand new, there's still some swelling... but the shading is deliberate, even if it does look like inflammation. It has now faded a little bit after the first peel, but it looks great still!

And here's the boyfriend's tattoo... I know some of you will recognize it. Sheri had better or I'm gonna kick her in the pooper.

So, go ahead and share your ink or your dream ink guys!

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