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[Mini] Feral Spirits - Game Over! Mafia Victory!

kimekime Queen of BladesRegistered User regular
edited March 2010 in Critical Failures
Feral Spirits Mini-Phalla

Well, it finally happened. Took them long enough, but humankind has been wiped out. Completely. Really, in the grand scheme of things, they kind of failed, they didn’t last long at all. Oh well, poor humans, time to move on! See, since the last human has died there’s been a non-stop party going on by all the remaining animals in the world. ‘Cause let’s face it, people were annoying. And messy, and smelly. And all around unpleasant.

So party time!

But… … well, there’s only so long one can celebrate the complete annihilation of a species before it starts to get old. As the party died down, the animals just kind of looked at each other awkwardly. “People” had been a common enemy for so long, but now that they’re gone…

Well, now there’s a niche to fill. A top spot in the food chain, in the ecological hierarchy. And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be the on the top? This is your goal as the representative spirit for your animal: rise as the next leading species in the world. You succeed when no one challenges your right to rule.

This is a mini-phalla. It is designed for 23 players (assuming I can count), although this may be adjusted. If you don’t know what a phalla is, go [url=””]here[/url]. Standard Phalla rules apply, but I don’t feel like retyping them out. If you’re new or uncertain of the standard rules or anything else here, ask me. It is your responsibility to ask.

Also, it’s my first mini. So things won’t (I don’t think?) get too crazy. That comes later, muahahaha! ......So now, without further ado…

The Mechanics:
How do you become victorious? Easy, simply kill off those who won’t submit to you. How do you do that? Well, everyone has three stats: ATK, DEF, and HP. When your HP reach 0 (or below), you die, and fail to achieve dominance over the world (obviously).

Each day, you have the option of three PUBLIC actions: Attack <target>, Defend, or Sacrifice for <target>. You may choose only one, and once declared, this action may not be retracted or changed! You may not Sacrifice or Attack yourself.

First, the easy one: Defend raises your DEF by 2 for that night.

At the end of each night, I’ll calculate the results of the fights you all declared. This is done in a fairly simple manner. All Attacks directed at a player stack, so I’ll take the total DEF of the victim minus the total ATK directed at them. If the value is still positive (or zero), hurray, no bad stuff happens to you! If, however, the value is negative, you lose that many HP. Again, if your HP reach 0 (or below), you die. Painfully.

If you choose to Sacrifice yourself for someone, you will jump in front of them to take on any opponents that are attacking them. All Attacks directed at your target will instead be directed at you. For that night, you will gain a temporary boost of 1 to your HP. Beyond that, the battle is determined normally as if the other players had Attacked you. You’ll also have to deal with anyone else who initiated a fight with you.

To prevent weird shenanigans, opponents that have been redirected through Sacrifice will not be redirected that night by a second Sacrifice.

All attacks happen simultaneously.

A couple examples, I suppose. If you think you understand what’s going on, you probably do (it’s fairly straightforward), so the examples aren’t really necessary for you.

Unless otherwise stated, you can use any special abilities you may have in addition to your public action.

Please note that there is no normal mechanic for players to recover HP, although it is possible occasionally.

Everyone will have a unique role, although some are more unique than others :P.

There is a mafia. It is a group that does not want any of you to win. I strongly advise you to focus on them. However, keep in mind that the game does not end until there is a single champion animal. There will be only one true winner of this game. The extent to which the rest of you win or lose will vary. Dying, for example, is very bad. So if you don’t feel you have the ability to emerge victorious, then you may have the opportunity to submit to subservience. At least you keep your life…

The last thing worth mentioning with respect to mechanics. I’ve given you guys enough ways to kill each other. So yes, although there is a red vote you are required to make every day, it does not kill the winner. Instead, it has a positive effect, and grants bonuses to the recipients in their fights. The first place winner receives 1 point to each Attack and Defense that night. Second place receives 1 point to Defense that night, third place receives 1 point to Attack that night. Do not retract your vote in any sort of lime color like people sometimes do, since lime has a very specific use.

On that note, follow my color scheme and be clear on your actions, or I'll take creative liberties in interpreting what you want :twisted:. Good luck, but you'll probably die anyways :lol:.

Day Zero
Day One
Day Two

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