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edited March 2010 in Singularity Engine++

Strong pokemon. Weak pokemon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled trainers should try to win with the pokemon they love best.

Pokemon. Go out into the wild, capture monsters, and pit them in battle against each other and your friends. Why? Because.

Right now, the SE++ Pokecommunity is all abuzz about the triumphant release of HeartGold and Soulsilver. What are those? DS remakes of Gold and Silver, the best pokemon games ever made.

Wanna battle some? It's easy. Check out Bulbapedia, a wiki project seeking to compile all the information possible about everything Pokemon. Or check out Smogon, but don't take it too seriously: we're here to have fun, after all. Or hell, just ask someone in the thread: this place is full of people who'll help you with almost anything, so long as you're courteous.

Once upon a time, SE++ had its own gym league: with the release of HG/SS, the League is somewhat defunct, although many gym leaders and challengers are still around and willing to battle. While the league doesn't seem to officially exist for the time being, the rules are maintained here behind the spoiler. Will the League return? Perhaps, one day, if you are good and honest and believe in the good things of the world.

Here's a list of participating Friend Codes: PM me if you want on the list.

These codes are for Diamond or Pearl or Platinum I dunno they're old and stale
Beasteh - 2148-5707-0343
Kuribo's Shoe - 2836-3844-8086
Unintentional - 4898-6355-9244
Dichotomy - 4855-7158-7540
Speed Racer - 2694-6498-9606
Worthless Lurker -
Diamond: 2063-5537-2900
Platinum: 4684 0363 5042
Faynor - 1849-2088-3935
Marshswellow - 4983-9781-7146
Nerdgasmic - 1333-0236-8007
Melding - 0387-5403-7737
Kay - 4253-9422-6181
Squall - 3653-2402-0865
Daisuke Spoon - 0002-2940-9674
Munkus Beaver - 2320 2630 5407
InvisibleInk - 1419-2587-1159
Kickhopper - 2621-8909-8485
Sir Red of the Manti - 5197-9807-5111
Silence1186 - 1419-7303-9802
Eeveelution - 4726-9455-2619
Jars - 1333-6616-9851
Goose! - 4039-7879-9538
Terrendos - 3437-0107-2915
TunnelRunner - 1591-5067-6103
Unlucky - 0603-8220-8794
Yukira - 2407-7036-7130
STATE OF THE ART ROBOT - 2321 8156 7355

I know these are Heart Gold / Soul Silver codes, they are fresh and exciting
Belruel: 2708-3821-1622
The Far Side: 2708 3857 7649
Worthless Lurker: 4727 0130 2964

Dichotomy on


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