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[Mini]Phalla VS Snakeman - Done

FrostMistFrostMist NorwayRegistered User regular
edited April 2010 in Critical Failures
Phalla VS Snakeman

It was a quiet afternoon, and the 11DBHK was out, inspecting his creation. But something wasn't quite right tonight, though - he could not put his finger on what it was yet - maybe it would become more apparent with time - for now, he had code to inspect.
Several hours later, he had come to the conclusion that it was just too quiet around him - so, why not open up the game for some people, to really see how it would be recieved.
And so the 11dbhk sendt out invitations to 30 of his friends, asking them to partake in this little experiment of his.


Every day, everybody must vote in bold red for someone to be killed off.. Vote close is at 21:00 GMT, regardless of if I post a vote closed message or not. Actions and votes made at or before 20:59 GMT on the forum's clock will count.

Standard phalla rules: No anonymous contact, no usage of screen shots to prove things, no direct quoting of your role PM (paraphrasing is allowed), one "ghost post" with no game information is allowed after you die, do not talk to dead players about the game, play nice, etc. Editing vote posts is allowed if you edit it within five minutes, otherwise you should make a new vote post. Note that other players may not appreciate editing vote posts even though I'm ok with it. Do not change a vote post into a post without a vote, or delete a post, under any circumstance. Send me an invite to any proboards you may create for the purpose of discussing the game.

Activity Requirements: Two posts a day and a vote. Note that your vote post counts as one of your required two posts. Missing this one day will get you a warning, missing this twice could get you replaced or killed.

This will be a faction game with several factions, and possibly a mafia.

Clarifications should be made in orange

Signups should be in bold lime as always, but you can also request the number in the list you want to be, as some have already done ;)

That should be all for now!

1: Shamus
2: Ringo
3: Alegis
4: Inomine
5: simulacrum

6: samurai6966
7: Wildcat
8: kime
9: CoreGoon
10: Zandracon

11: Notch
12: Demurist
13: Qualmi-chan
14: ronrab
15: WhiteWolf

16: TheLawinator
17: Fiaryn
18: Dunadan019
19: Toxic Toys
20: garroad_ran

21: simonwolf
22: jdarksun
23: Ohtsam
24: Maximus
25: The Cow King

26: Hippie
27: Lucedes

29: Robos A Go Go
30: Daius

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7

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