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Week o Games, 3/21: SMT Strange Journey, Just Cause 2, Cave Story, Red Steel 2

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edited March 2010 in Games and Technology

Another week, another 7 days of new game releases!

Welcome to the 107 edition of G&T's newly traditional "Weekly Games Release Thread!" - Week 3/21/10 - 3/27/10 !

Where we discuss what we're looking forward to, what we're going to buy, and what we're just now realizing is being released this week that we had forgotten about!







Again, another good week.

The Atlus published RPG, newest in the SMT series, comes out for DS as Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey comes out for the handheld this week. Also on DS appear to be some game and watch games, probably DSi downloads.

The HD systems and PC all get Just Cause 2: Causing Harder. Looks pretty good though I know nothing about it.

PC also gets Settlers 7, the newest in the kingdom building / strategy game that's really popular.

Both HD consoles get MotoGP 09/10. I guess they skipped a year and decided to put 09 and 10 together.

Last but not least, Wii is at long last getting its upgraded version of Cave Story for WiiWare. Hooray!
Wii is also getting Red Steel 2, sequel to one of the most popular launch titles, this time with nice cel-shaded presentation and M+ support.

So what's everyone getting? It's been a killer spring.

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