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Impromptu D&D Panel

zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
edited March 2010 in PAX Archive
I know that Jerry already addressed it in his main blog post from Monday, but I was in the D&D panel room... When Khoo walked in and asked us if it was OK if Mike came in and did a Q&A about D&D with us instead of the video since apparently the video was lost or the people didn't show up... I think the room was awestruck (would it be ok? OF FUCKING COURSE IT'S OK, ARE YOU INSANE???). The content of the Q&A was fantastic, and kudos to Mike for that. That said, I think it was most impressive that it happened at all. Everyone knows how busy all the PA folks get from Khoo to Jerry to Mike to the rest of the crew, and to just stop all of it and say "hey you guys waited in line to talk about D&D, we're going to give you a goddamned D&D panel come hell or high water" just goes to show how wonderful PAX is and how much these folks at PA do for all of us.

I was also Proudmax to be a PA fan and reader right then (since 2001), and it cemented to me that as long as PAX East exists, I'm never going to miss one.

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