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[MiniPhalla] The Amnesia Room-Game Over Village Victory

romanqwertyromanqwerty Registered User regular
edited April 2010 in Critical Failures

Welcome to 'The Amnesia Room' a miniphalla for 25 players.
See Phalla if you don't know what a phalla is.

Unlike (or rather like) most games, this game operates on entirely secret mechanics. While it contains for the most part standard roles, the way they operate is intended to be confusing and weird.
This game is designed around having to use your brain to figure out the mechanics. The best mafia radar in the world won't help you if you can't figure out how to get rid of them. The mafia that is, not the mechanics. You can't get rid of the mechanics (or can you?).


  • No anonymous contact. PMs, proboards, IRC or IMs etc are all allowed as long as both players talking know who the other is in game. Additionally, i ask that you send me links to any proboards you create.
  • No screenshoting or direct quoting of your role PM or any other information I send you. You are allowed to paraphrase it however, unless i state otherwise.
  • Dead players may not converse with living players and vice versa. When you die, whatever you know dies with you. Ghost posts are tolerated but frowned upon and they must not contain anything game related.
  • Voting is done in bold red. Retracting can be done in bold lime but is not required, just revote.
  • Posts containing a vote can only be edited within 5 minutes of the post being made (and obviously not after vote close). You are not allowed to delete posts.
  • Clarifications should be asked in bold orange.
  • You must make ONE vote each day. There is no minimum post number, but if I feel you are not contributing to the game enough I will send you a warning (not the same as an inactivity notice). If you fail to meet these requirements you will have 12 hours to respond to my inactivity notice PM or I will contact a reserve to replace you.

VOTE CLOSE will be at 2:00AM EST(American)

The first person to PM me with a correct synopsis on how a particular mechanic works will get a bonus, variable depending on how impressive your solution was. Including the logic behind how you figured it out, may increase its impressiveness however is doing so is entirely optional.

You will receive confirmation on a correct guess regardless of whether or not you are first. Incorrect guesses will receive a moderate penalty (don't worry, it won't be death or anything that drastic). You may guess at most ONCE per day. Guesses after the first will be automatically considered wrong and you will receive the penalty associated with them. You may not change or amend your guess and if you try to, I will consider it a second submission and you will be penalised accordingly. I will try to answer guesses as soon as I get them, but the bonus/penalty will not take effect until the next day.

How does <random mechanic> work?
I don't think you understand the game. Please re-read the OP.

That said, a general rule to follow is that clarifications about rules will be answered while clarifications about mechanics will not.
An example: "Do i have to vote every day" would be answered with "Yes", while "What does the vote do" would get a big fat "CLARIFICATION DENIED".

Since I'm such an oh so very generous person i'm going to start you off with a hint.

The vote (and any targeted abilities) will most likely NOT hit the person who wins it. Thus, I encourage you pick a target with the aim of figuring out how it works in mind.

  1. LemmingHead, Special Test Subject // (2)
  2. Dunadan019
  3. The Cow King, Special Test Subject % (17)
  4. MundaneSoul, Test Subject (10)
  5. Fiaryn, Test Subject(20)
  6. Zandracon, Test Subject(12)
  7. Teucrian, Test Subject (6)
  8. AoR_Final, Experiment manager (25)
  9. MundaneSoul
  10. Egos
  11. Kime, Experiment Manager (4)
  12. The_Reflection, Special Test Subject ! (11)
  13. Captain Marcus, Special Test Subject %(13)
  14. TheLawinator
  15. Simulacrum, Experiment Manager (9)
  16. Arivia (14), Test Subject
  17. Dogbone33
  18. Shamus(18), Test Subject
  19. lonelyahava, Experiment manager (1)
  20. Whitewolf, Test Subject (22)
  21. Phyphor
  22. Mr. Defecation, Special Test Subject(23)
  23. Darian (16), Experiment Manager
  24. Simonwolf
  25. Alegis, Special Test Subject /// (7)

  • Ringo
  • ronrab
  • JaysonFour
  • CorpseRT
  • Linken22
  • Adventfalls


Villager Role PM

romanqwerty on


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