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Just Cause 2: This game is still awesome

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edited July 2011 in Games and Technology
Wikipedia wrote:
Just Cause 2 is a sandbox-style action video game. It was released in North America on March 23, 2010, by Swedish developer Avalanche Studios and Eidos Interactive, published by Square Enix. It is the sequel to the 2006 video game Just Cause.

Just Cause 2 employs Avalanche Engine 2.0; an updated version of the engine used in Just Cause. The game is set on the other side of the world from the original Just Cause on the fictional tropical island of Panau in Southeast Asia. Rico Rodriguez returns as the protagonist, aiming to overthrow the evil dictator Pandak "Baby" Panay and confront his former boss, Tom Sheldon.

Wait, is this game any good?

Well, watch some of these videos and see for yourself. But really, this game is good. This thread (and the one(s) before it) is full of PAers giddily relaying their excited stories about their exploits on Panau island. Don't you want to revel in glee at the chaos and destruction you cause? Well, don't you?
Wikipedia wrote:
The game-play is similar to that of its predecessor, in which the player is free to roam the game's open world at will, without having to focus on the game's storyline, much similar to that of other sandbox style action games, like Mercenaries.

Several new additions and improvements to the game were explained by the lead designer of the game, Peter Johansson. The AI has been rewritten to use a planning system which enables enemies to do all sorts of new things. For example, the enemies will use the environment to their advantage, taking cover behind objects, and adapting dynamically to the objects around them. The hybrid aiming system is also a new feature that helps the player to quickly aim at enemies while leaving the player in full control over the cross-hair; as such, the player is rewarded for skilled manual aiming. It also enables you to pinpoint specific limbs manually and have varied crippling effects on the enemy. Just Cause 2 also has an adaptive difficulty system, gradually scaling the difficulty as the player does more in the game.

The game takes place on the fictional island of Panau, situated in the Malay Archipelago. It is geographically similar to both New Zealand and Hawaii.

There are several new weapons in Just Cause 2, such as a rocket launcher with laser-controlled rockets, a one-handed grenade launcher, remote-triggered C4, and a detachable mounted minigun. There are several new vehicles, including a Boeing 737. There is a greater difference in the handling of different vehicles. Ground surfaces now have a large influence on the player's controls (e.g. while a sports car may be suitable for driving on a flat road, it is not particularly suitable for off-road driving). There is also a real-time deformation system and moving parts that can come loose from vehicles.

The player must acquire weapons and vehicles in the field of their own accord, as Rico doesn't have official support from the agency in this game, but later information revealed you can acquire weapons and vehicles off the black market.

Early in the game the player contacts a black market supplier, from whom weapons can be purchased and vehicles and get them delivered to the player's location via heavy drop. As the game progresses, additional weapons and vehicles become available on the black market. Additionally, all weapons and vehicles on the black market have parameters that can be upgraded in several steps, by building upgrades with weapon and vehicle parts. There are over 2,000 parts that the player can acquire.

Developer Interview

E3 Trailer

Launch Trailer






Which version should I buy?

All three versions (PC, 360, PS3) are essentially the same; however, the PS3 version uses the built-in Youtube functionality, allowing you to upload videos of your exploits on the fly.

Is this game better than GTA IV?

Yes. If you like sandbox style games, you'll love this. Picture GTA IV with a grappling hook, parachute, and less semen jokes.

Who is Bolo Santosi?

She is the lead-er of the revolutionary army known as the Reaa-puuuurs

Xbox 360 Demo :

PC - Steam Demo :

OP stolen shamelessly from Kyougu (Thread 1)

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