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phpBB SQL Error [Solved]

JansonJanson Registered User regular
edited April 2010 in Help / Advice Forum
I have a cold and just took NyQuil so right now my brain isn't fully functioning and I can't work out what to do.

Forums that I host are presenting me with the following error:
General Error
SQL ERROR [ mysqli ]

Access denied for user 'user@'ip' (using password: YES) [1045]

An sql error occurred while fetching this page. Please contact an administrator if this problem persists.

My host (dreamhost) moved servers tonight, assuming this is what has caused the error. This was the e-mail they sent:
This is just a note to let you know that we have moved your account to a new
server! We sent you notification of this move a short while ago, so hopefully
you were able to address any potential problems before the move happened.

PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE MESSAGE as it may help you fix any problems that come
up as a result of the move.

We have also created a wiki article that explains everything you will need to
know about why we moved you and solutions on how to fix anything that may have
broken because of the move:


Below is a brief summary of the more common problems we're seeing after customers
are moved to their new server. You can get more detailed information at the wiki
article above though. If you don't understand any of these directions, please contact
support and we'll be happy to help you further.


Server Paths:
Please make sure you don't have anything like "/home/.SOMETHING/username" or
/mnt/local/home/username as the path in any of your sites' scripts. Instead, it
should just be "/home/username". If your site brings up an error now with something
between /home/ and /username/ in the error message (or starting with /mnt/local/),
then the path in one of your configuration files is incorrect and will need to be updated.

Custom DNS:
If you run your own DNS outside of DreamHost (i.e. you're not using ns1.dreamhost.com,
ns2.dreamhost.com and ns3.dreamhost.com as your domains nameservers) you'll need to update
your records now. Just go to the 'Manage Domains' section of your web panel and click
on the 'DNS' link for your domains to see what the new IP is for that domain. You can
then use these new IP's to point your services to us from wherever you're managing your DNS.

Custom PHP
If you built your own custom PHP (or php.ini), it may be broken now. This is because
the old servers used a 32bit architecture and the new servers are 64bit. Unfortunately,
this isn't something we can help you troubleshoot, but you'll just need to rebuild your
custom php (or php.ini) again using the new servers libraries.


If you are using your server name (server.dreamhost.com) as your FTP hostname, be sure to
change that to your domain name (example: yourdomain.com). The domain name will always point
to the correct server in the event that it is changed again in the future. If for some reason
you can't use your domain name, you can find the name of your new server under the
'Manage Account' section of your web panel.

That's it really.. and we really apologize for the abrupt nature of this move!

The phpBB I was using had been installed using dreamhost's one-click easy install system. Looking at my ftp it seems it auto-updated all the .htaccess files and config.php

Help? I have no idea what to look for or where to start right now

Janson on
sharasugar_80.png sharanomsugar_80.png


  • EndEnd Registered User regular
    edited April 2010
    Dunno, it sounds like a config.php issue to me, which as you say they auto updated. All I can think is to double check to make sure the server ip, username, password etc is still correct. :?

  • JansonJanson Registered User regular
    edited April 2010
    Yeah, I've been trying to log in to the web administration for the mysql hostname and it's not accepting my username/password, but I know I've not touched or changed a single thing...

    sharasugar_80.png sharanomsugar_80.png
  • admanbadmanb the bored genie Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    edited April 2010
    Just a random search, but since you mentioned web administration have you done this? http://forum.dreamhosters.com/beginners/16179-mysql_connect-Access-denied-for-user.htm

    twitter, github, resume/portfolio, if you like to play or host boardgames online, check out handtracker
  • EndEnd Registered User regular
    edited April 2010
    Well, that seems like some sort of hint. Are you sure the mysql ip address hasn't changed? Maybe they moved shit around?

    (I'm going to bed now, so I won't be able to pretend to help again until morning.)

  • JansonJanson Registered User regular
    edited April 2010
    Okay, it's fixed! I added a new user to the database, changed config.php to use the new username and password, and now it works! So I guess this can be solved, although I have no idea why the username and password suddenly stopped working (especially when dreamhost shows the password is still correct).

    Thanks to those who offered help. :)

    sharasugar_80.png sharanomsugar_80.png
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