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Pokemon: The Glorious End of the Dunsparce Uprising

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Hello, and welcome to the wonderful world of Dunsparce!

I'll be your guide! I'm Professor Bugboy. Are you ready to start your own journey in the land of Dunsparce?

Good Luck! I'll be waiting for you in my lab!

We all love him!


Dunsparce. Nokocchi. Dummisel. Insolourdo. Whatever you call it, this little guy is the best thing ever.

Sitting comfortably at number 206 in the Pokedex, he's here to headbutt you to death.

But Bugboy, you ask, what is such an odd pokemon based off of? Well, as the worlds premier Dunsparce fan, I'll tell you!.

Dunsparce is based off of the mythical tsuchinoko, a japanese cryptid.

From Bulbapedia:

In the pokemon games, he lives in the Dark Cave in Johto, and can be found under rocks or during the occasional swarm.

For those curious about his name, it comes from Dun (grayish) and Sparce (because he’s rare)

What is he good for? Looking cute! But aside from that, his Serene Grace allows him to do some pretty great things!

For those of you who don't know, Serene Grace doubles the chance of having an additional effect on your moves. That means that he's an ideal Flinchhaxer! He can paralyze you with Glare or Thunder Wave, then pound you with STAB Headbutt. Thanks to Serene Grace, Headbutt has a 60%(!) chance of flinching, reducing your opponent down to a 30% chance of hitting you. And if they do manage to deal some damage, just sponge it with Dunsparce's amazing HP and then Roost it all away!

Dunsparce can also use Charge Beam for a whopping 100% percent chance of Special Attack bonus! Then use Ancient Power for a 20% chance of a bonus to every stat! You'll be sweeping Red in no time!

Oh, and the coolest thing about Dunsparce? He can fly! (just a little)

yaaaaaaay dunsparce!


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Oh yeah, new games! Pokemon White/Black coming in late 2010. They seem to boast a 2.5d art style, and full back-sprites for your pokemon during battle.


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