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Cheerios box misprint?

SoaLSoaL fantasticRegistered User regular
edited April 2010 in Help / Advice Forum
Hey all. I recently came to have a box of honey nut cheerios in my possession.

As I was eating them as finger food waiting for a friend to show up, I entertained myself with the various puzzles in the back of the box. Or I would have, if the puzzles weren't so confounding

I managed to solve 2/3 of the puzzles ("H-O-N-E-Y" is "What the buzz is about", and the 4 Honey Heist Suspects are safely in custody) however the final one has me stumped.

I have to find 12 Cheerio's O's hidden on the back of the box, and I've only found 11.

here is the back of the box, with found O's highlighted

And so that you guys can help me out, I've taken zoomed in pictures of the 4 quadrants

of note is the middle right side of the box. I'm assuming the example "O" doesn't count towards the number, since they are asking for the hidden ones and that one is plain sight.

SoaL on


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