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How can you not support Obama on NASA?

Roger WilcoRoger Wilco Registered User regular
edited April 2010 in Singularity Engine++
Constellation was about putting a man on the moon, something we've already done. Like Buzz Aldrin said in support of Obama, we need to look to the future not retrace 40 year old steps.

Constellation was over budget and behind schedule.

Obama's plan focuses on putting a man not on the moon, but on Mars by the 2030s.

His plan increases NASA funding.

His plan has NASA focusing on new propulsion technologies to get us deeper into space.

His plan has NASA focusing on technologies to keep men in space longer (such as on a space station, or a colony on Mars.)

His plan increases support for private industry who won't be taking over for NASA, but rather helping NASA.

Finally, his plan includes salvaging the work we did on Constellation, turning it into an escape pod to help save lives in the future. So even though he is scraping the program, it is not going to waste.

Obama's plan is to take us into the future, and if you support space exploration but not Obama's plan than I don't know what to tell you.

Roger Wilco on
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