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Podcasts (part deux!)

MimMim Return of SaturnRegistered User regular
edited April 2010 in Help / Advice Forum
Turns out someone responded to my old podcast thread 10 days ago but then it was locked. So, I took up some advice and I am currently loving Smodcast (my classmates in art class think I'm weird for laughing out loud). However, due to Etdragon having her baby (congrats!) and having awesome mommy-baby bonding time I am without women in my ear.

I do listen to the older episodes of Some Other Podcast, but I need something to calm my cravings. So any other women who do podcasts on video games or comics (or both!) would be highly appreciated. Google is failing me.

And this is an odd request, but women only (or the majority of the podcast crew). I have waaay too many men in my ears and I'd like to balance it out a bit.

Mim on
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